With a resolve that no one loses their battle to hunger during the pan-India lockdown enforced due to COVID -19 pandemic, I-PAC has started its new initiative Sabki Rasoi — a virtual kitchen for people in urgent need of food for their survival. The initiative will start on Sunday, 5th April, 2020, and in its first phase of 10 days, will serve at least 15 lakh meals (up to 1.5 lakh meals a day) across 20-25 cities in India.

To deliver 1.5 Lakh meals daily in 20-25 cities, I-PAC is collaborating with three sets of partners in the domains of - food preparation (large kitchens), packaging and delivery (food logistics), and food distribution (grassroots feeding organisations).

All partners of this initiative are committed, and will make every possible effort, to strictly adhere to the government rules and guidelines for the lockdown. They will ensure complete compliance with the mandated norms of social distancing and will take precautions to avoid crowding in public and semi-public places. Additionally, the food distribution partners will make extra efforts in this regard, as they will be potentially dealing with large numbers of people on-ground.

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted immense misery and suffering on people. Though unintended, the consequences of the pan-India lockdown have had a crippling effect, especially on those belonging to the bottom of the pyramid— migrant labourers, daily-wage earners, and homeless. While the government is trying to do its best, given the enormity of the need, their resources are also stretched. This unprecedented situation calls for people to rise to the occasion as a community, and provide relief to the distressed. I-PAC believes that people who are in a position to help, must not let those in need go hungry for the want of individual or collective efforts.

Firstly, I-PAC is funding the entire initiative. Secondly, under the aegis of Sabki Rasoi, it seeks to bring together various philanthropic foundations, not-for-profit organisations, food delivery providers, healthcare providers, government agencies, individuals, and good samaritans under one platform to feed 1.5 lakh meals a day.
We are maintaining 'Live Tracker' on our website which mentions the number of meals served, number of states and cities we are currently active in and the number of days since we are active. Please visit our website for regular updates.
I-PAC has partnered with Swiggy, India's largest food delivery platform, to prepare freshly cooked meals currently made by their kitchen partners, and deliver these meals in hygienic packaging, and in a timely manner to our food distribution partners.
No. All meals provided by our food distribution partners to the beneficiaries will be free of cost.
Please register your organisation on our website by clicking on the 'Register' tab, or call us on 69008 69008. Our team will soon get back in touch with you.
Please visit the 'Food Distribution Partner' tab on our website to find the organisations active in your area.
We are collaborating with Swiggy's kitchen partners to prepare freshly cooked meals, who adhere to the safety procedures— mandatory temperature checks, sanitisation every 4 hours, and use of masks and gloves. Moreover, our packaging and delivery partners will also maintain the food logistics practices of the highest standard, which would entail hygienic packaging and timely delivery of meal packets.
We have full faith in our partners who are facilitated and vetted by I-PAC's very own team of 150 people who will constantly be in touch with our on-ground food distribution partners. Apart from this, I-PAC has set up a monitoring system that will keep a check on the operation personnel, while ensuring their utmost integrity.
Currently the cost of one meal ranges from ₹25 - ₹35. However, all meals are provided to beneficiaries free of cost to those in need.
We have sought for permissions from all the concerned authorities and ensured that our actions are aligned with the guidelines of all states as well as the Central Government.
There will be a display and regular updates on data that is related to the cost of the meals, the number of beneficiaries, the cities we are operating in, and the number of meals that are being distributed on our website. Please visit our site for regular updates.
We have begun the first phase of this initiative and will be operating in 20 -25 cities for now. We do hope to expand and serve as many as we can.
We are currently only focusing on providing freshly cooked meals to those in need to ensure that the immunity of these people is strong enough to survive the coronavirus.
To scale and sustain this initiative, you can help us in identifying potential organisations that are serving food to those in need, or by informing us about people in your area who you think might be unable to fend for themselves. Additionally, if you are an organisation willing to partner with us, click on the 'Register' tab on the website or call us on 69008 69008.
Thank you for showing interest in this initiative. Please call on 69008 69008 to get in touch with us.
Thank you for showing interest in this initiative. Please call on 69008 69008 to get in touch with us.
If you wish to partner with us for this initiative, click on the 'Register' tab on the website or call us on 69008 69008.
No. This initiative is not politcal in nature. In the current situation, IPAC has decided to stand in solidarity to help those in need and provide relief to the most distressed sections of the society.
This is an independent initiative of I-PAC, however, it is being mentored by Mr Prashant Kishor. Mr Kishor feels strongly for the cause and believes that we need to come together and help those who are in need during these trying times. I-PAC is launching this initiative with him.
Visit our website: www.indianpac.com