indian political action committee

Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) (est. April 2015) is India’s first cross party advocacy group, which endeavors to support the election of visionary, progressive and inclusive leaders to public offices. With our members previously organized under the banner of Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG)(est. 2013), we have been operating in the socio-political domain for the last three years and have been lauded as the “powerhouse that changed election campaigning in India forever”. Set up with the ambitious goal of re-inventing the socio-political space, I-PAC provides a platform for young professionals to meaningfully associate with electoral politics and contribute to policy making and governance by setting the agenda for incoming governments.

It all began in June 2013, when a dream of making India a model of accountable governance motivated few young professionals to set up Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG). While weighing their options in choosing the leader they could put their force behind, CAG picked Mr. Narendra Modi and then developed and executed the high voltage campaign that pummelled him to the top job of the country. Then in 2015, these professionals re-grouped as I-PAC and helped Mr. Nitish Kumar successfully win a third term as the Chief Minister of Bihar.
In the last three years, as I-PAC (and previously CAG) we have successfully managed National, State and International Election Campaigns.

In 2015 Bihar Assembly Elections I-PAC conceptualized and executed a high-decibel blitzkrieg which disrupted the conventional narrative and enabled the Mahagathbandhan to sweep Bihar. As the “nerve centre” of Mr. Nitish Kumar’s 9-month long election campaign, we put up a repertoire of campaigns such as “Phir Ek Baar Nitish Kumar”, “Har Ghar Dastak”, “Jhanse mein naa ayenge”, “Bihar mein Bahaar ho”, “Har Ghar Nitishe, Har Mann Nitishe” and more. With precise messaging, and strategic channels thereof, along with efficient management of the party-cadre, we helped Mr. Nitish Kumar led Mahagathbandhan register a historic win in what was touted as the “mother of all [state] elections” of recent times. read more

Earlier In 2014 Indian General Elections, CAG was credited with steering Mr. Narendra Modi-led Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) towards an absolute majority of epic proportions, witnessed after two whole decades in the country. Some of our campaigns such as the 3D hologram rallies, Chai pe Charcha, Bharat Vijay Rallies, Modi Aaane Wala Hai, etc. were lauded as the most successful components of the Modi campaign. By successfully positioning brand Modi as a vikas purush (man of progress), we were credited for producing the eponymous wave that powered Mr. Narendra Modi to the Prime Minister’s Office. read more

As part of our first international campaign, in 2015 as strategic advisor to Dr. Magufuli, I-PAC helped the incumbent Chama Cha Mapinduzi party of Tanzania win the 2015 Presidential Election as well as the Parliamentary Election with a thumping majority. The door-to- door campaign conceptualized by us, which touched more than 2 million households and 6 million voters was the first of its kind, nation-wide participatory agenda setting exercise ever witnessed in the African Continent. read more

In our latest assignment we were tasked with the bringing the Congress back in power in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. With a slew of campaigns to break through Captain Amarinder Singh’s aura of inaccessibility like ‘Coffee with Captain’and ‘Halke vich Captain’, or to set his agenda amongst the public through “Captain Smart Connect” and “Har Ghar Captain” we were able to create Congress’public connect through multiple rounds and formats. The result – Congress registered a historic win in Punjab with the highest seat tally since Indepence. In Uttar Pradesh where COngress had been out of power for 27 years and completely written off, we were able to earn the first-movers advantage and tap into public imagination and conversation through Udghosh, Sonia Gandhi’s roadshow and then the Khat Sabha. I-PAC through Congress, was the first entity to speak of farm loan waivers in UP; a subject that arguably became the main poll plank of the elections. Read More

I-PAC’s strength lies in its people who come from diverse backgrounds. We are a group of young, spirited and like-minded individuals from varied professional and academic backgrounds brought together by a common goal of re-inventing the socio-political space. In pursuit of this goal our members have left their high-paying jobs at global organizations like McKinsey, BCG, ITC, Credit Suisse, Schlumberger, Deloitte, WTO, etc. and organized themselves as India’s first Political Action Committee. The team comprises people who have graduated from the finest institutions of the country and abroad like IIT, IIM, LSE, TISS, NLU, DU etc.
With our in-depth political proficiency and grassroots understanding, we design and execute innovative public outreach and engagement campaigns using both conventional and new age methods. Our robust, often disruptive election campaigns are grounded in hard data and regularly employ analytics and technology as inputs to strategic, tactical and operational decision making. I-PAC’s 360 degree election campaign management is structured along the domains of Research, Analytics, Grassroots Campaign Management, Digital Media & Design, and Media & External Communications.