Tech That! JD(U) Waves Red Canvas to Niggle Modi

By AJAY KUMAR Published: 25th October 2015 05:53 AM

PATNA: One factor that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is counting on to form the next government in Bihar is Prashant Kishor’s well-crafted tricks that helped Prime Minister Narendra Modi win the 2014 General Elections with mass connect programmes. Kishor knows Modi’s mind, and this is a huge advantage for Nitish. Kishor is using colours, social media such as Facebook and Twitter to make Modi react, instead of the other way round.

A major alteration in the campaign was that of colour: Nitish’s JD(U) dropped its green-coloured flags, which are associated with socialists, and switched to red, the colour of Left parties.

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What It's Like To Work With Prashant Kishor, Master Strategist

By Pratik Jain Published: November 12, 2015 15:48 IST

For many experienced and qualified professionals who have a keen interest in politics but have to work in a corporate or other non-political set up, getting an opportunity to play a significant role in one of the most critical elections in India doesn't come easy. When the opportunity arrives, some manage to cast this interest aside, others take the plunge. We at Indian Political Action Committee or IPAC chose to do the latter.

It feels just like yesterday when my colleagues Rishi, Vinesh and I under the guidance of our mentor Prashant took up the mantle and perhaps one of the most exciting challenges...

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Amarinder Is 'Punjab Da Captain' To Remind Voters Where Kejriwal Comes From

By Shivam Vij, Deputy Editor, HuffPost India Published: 11/04/2016 10:51 AM

It’s a sketch of a blue turban, a yellow inner turban prominently revealing itself through it. The background is white; there is no face. It’s the logo of 'Punjab da Captain', Prashant Kishor’s campaign to project Congress leaders Amarinder Singh for the chief minister’s chair. The idea may seem obvious, but there’s more to those three words and the sketch than meets the eye.

For one, why does that sketch not have Amarinder Singh’s visage drawn out? Typically, every such detail in a Prashant Kishor campaign is part of an elaborate communication strategy.

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