Backroom boosters

By Vijaya Pushkarna Published: September 27, 2015

A young, tech-savvy group is burnishing the Nitish Kumar brand in what could be his toughest poll battle.

The hall is full of workstations, with mountains of paper, posters and books scattered around. And, buzzing with energy. Sipping coffee and snacking on roasted pounded rice and peanuts, men and women in their early 20s are busy writing and drawing a chart or map on one of the many whiteboards on the walls or working on their desktops. This could well be an informal setting of a creative space. But in this hall deep inside the huge sarkari bungalow at 7 Strand Road in Patna, Brand Nitish Kumar is being created, with the team working 24x7 to market him for, probably, the toughest political battle of his life. Every publicity material has been conceived and cleared here. And, this time, it is just the chief minister and his message: Phir ek baar, Nitish Kumar (Once again, Nitish Kumar). There is no mention of party, symbol, alliance or promise

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Sunday Story: The Leader and his machine

By Vandita Mishra Published: July 5, 2015 12:17 pm.

A room in 7 Strand Road, Patna, is the nerve centre of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s election campaign. This is where a core team is working on a strategy that is focused on Brand Nitish, without the distractions of party and ideology.

The dates of the Bihar polls scheduled for later this year are yet to be announced, but in a “war room” inside a bungalow on 7 Strand Road in Patna, Nitish Kumar’s campaign has been up and running since early March. Here, the walls are busy with Nitish posters, flashing TV screens and quotes of Plato and Michael Porter...

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Bihar polls: In the war of hoardings, PM Narendra Modi lags behind Nitish Kumar

By Aman Sharma Published: Oct 18, 2015, 10.39 PM IST

Patna is now the Hoarding City. The state capital, which goes to polls in the next phase on October 28, has never seen such an in-your-face hoardings war between Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi. The former is winning this one hands down.

Speaking to key publicity strategists on both sides, ET learnt there are 800-plus hoardings of Kumar and his Grand Alliance up in Patna but BJP has stopped at roughly 1/3rd the number - 270 to be exact - apart from 30 BJP hoardings at the Patna Airport which were taken down few days ago after JD (U) complained of a poll violation.

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