In its first International campaign, as strategic advisor to Dr. Magufuli and the incumbent Chama Cha Mapinduzi party of Tanzania, I-PAC was engaged to conceptualize and monitor innovative on-ground campaign initiatives for the 2015 Presidential as well as the Parliamentary Election. One of the major campaigns conceptualized by I-PAC was the door-to-door campaign which led to the largest nation-wide participatory agenda setting exercise ever witnessed in the African Continent. It also became a key enabler for Dr. John PombeMagufuli to win the Presidential elections with a staggering 58.4% of votes and for Chama Cha Mapinduzi party to win 185 out of the 259 seats in the Parliament.

Mobilizing volunteers

As the first ever structured attempt at mobilizing volunteers for electoral purposes in the continent; we conceptualized the idea of 518 Constituency Captains (CC) and recruited and trained two CCs in each constituency. These CCs performed surveys, in-depth interviews, focused group discussions and built a volunteer network as well as guided them to execute special on-ground campaign initiatives. A record breaking army of volunteers of 1.25 lakh was created across the country by utilizing traditional and digital mediums to rally support for the Presidential candidate and the party.

Door-to-door campaign

A nationwide door-to-door outreach program was executed with the help of volunteers on ground. Letters signed by individual MP candidates were distributed to every household and campaign stickers showing support to the party were quartered on the house doors of pro-CCM Tanzanian citizens. In the first nation-wide participatory agenda setting exercise ever witnessed in Africa, I-PAC was successful in reaching out to more than 4 million households.

Presidential Rally and Get-out-to-Vote Campaign

The Presidential rally program was equipped with large 40ft trucks in consultation with I-PAC. The rally team preceded the arrival of the Presidential Candidate – Dr. John Magufuli and other MP candidates to create buzz about the scheduled rally in a particular town. National and local popular artists were brought in to perform during these events. On the polling day, ‘Get Out the Vote Campaign’ was organized throughout the country with 40k active volunteers to mobilize pro-CCM voters to come out and vote in large numbers.

Digital outreach

Battling the constraints of low mobile and internet penetration, especially in up-country areas, I-PAC helped create a USSD-code reporting mechanism and assisted in setting-up an in-house call center to overcome connectivity issues, which facilitated real-time feedback and reporting from the constituency captains and volunteers across the country.