What drives us?

At I-PAC we truly believe that young professionals can make a meaningful contribution to politics and policy making in the country. Across our campaigns, we have always strived to capture the aspirations of the people and have ensured that the leaders we work with dedicate their tenure to working towards fulfilling those aspirations. We don’t work on-profit basis; there is no left-over profit at the end of the year that adds to the bottom line. Our reward is our buy in with the leader and our ability to set the agenda for their Governments.

Our reward in Bihar was when the Government allocated 60 per cent of its budget towards Bihar Vikas Mission – the special mission vehicle that was set up to fulfill the 7 Nishchays of Nitish Kumar that I-PAC help set. Our reward in Punjab was when Captain Amarinder Singh announced the budgetary allocations for his 9 nukte in the last assembly session. In India, when farm-loan waiver has come to the forefront of political discourse, we take it as our personal achievement for starting the conversation from UP. At I-PAC we have successfully opened up a platform for young professionals to meaningfully engage with politics.

Who we are

Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) (est. April 2015) is India’s first cross party advocacy group, which endeavors to support the election of visionary, progressive and inclusive leaders to public offices. With our members previously organized under the banner of Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG)(est. 2013), we have been operating in the socio-political domain for the last three years and have been lauded as the  “powerhouse that changed [election] campaigning in India forever”.Set up with the ambitious goal ofre-inventing the socio-political space, I-PAC provides a platform for young professionals to meaningfully associate with electoralpolitics and contribute to policy making and governance by setting the agenda for incoming governments.

Our Expertise

I-PAC’s biggest differentiator is its expertise in Grassroots Campaign Management. With our in-depth political proficiency and grassroots understanding, we pride ourselves on not only conceptualizing innovative campaign strategies, but also on our record of executing these strategies successfully on ground. As soon as our campaigns hit the ground, we deploy our Core Team Members at district, and constituency levels; these members manage campaigns at their respective levels and also tailor them according to the local needs.

We focus on localized campaign management, volunteer enrollment and training, and rally scheduling and management. We also conceptualize political strategies/counter-strategies for our respective candidates, bolstering them social listening and on-ground intelligence. We take up the role of a campaign strategist for each of our candidates, but the synergies that we maintain across all operational levels allow us to make judgment calls that are in the interest of the entire campaign.

Whether it was Chai pe Charcha, a unique campaign where Mr. Narendra Modi interacted with the people of India across 4000 tea stalls in about 400 cities; or whether it was Har Ghar Nitishe, Har Mann Nitishe where 5000 cycles were deployed in 243 constituencies of Bihar all carrying the message of Nitish Nishchay to 3 crore voters, our Grassroots Campaign Management Team has successfully orchestrated the campaigns on ground and became our real force multiplier.

Grassroot Campaign Management

We specialize in both primary and secondary research, findings of which inform all our strategic campaign decisions. The I-PAC Research Team uses tools like Focused Group Discussions (FGD), In-Depth Interviews (IDI), and Surveys, etc. to gather on-ground intelligence and provide accurate and comprehensive recommendations to campaign team.

This research, often segmented and customized for various target audiences, makes its way into a number of critical channels such as briefing notes, speech inputs, manifestos, and overall campaign strategy. Nitish Nishchay – seven-point agenda for a Developed Bihar, the cornerstone for Mr. Nitish Kumar’s election manifesto was the outcome of these research findings.


We conceptualize and execute innovative digital campaigns that not only mobilize our target audiences in the virtual world but also maintain a synergy with all our on-ground activities and multiply its impact many-fold. We make use of various channels of communications such as social media, mobile marketing, etc. to reach out to our audiences and initiate a two-way communication with them, real-time, on a daily basis. In Punjab the Captain Smart Connect scheme saw 30 Lakh online registrations in 20 days. We conduct extensive research from the purview of political communications and conceptualize and execute innovative leader centric communications campaigns. The precise, often clinical nature of our interventions across various channels enables us to trigger positive conversations around the leader. In Bihar, we re-invented Mr. Nitish Kumar’s online personality and through various campaigns such as #AskNitish in the process cementing his identity as a leader of the masses.

Our in-house Design team creates all the relevant collateral and creatives for the campaigns – on –ground and digital, and carefully picks colour-schemes, graphics, and overall feel to enable mass connect.


The I-PAC analytics team ushered in a new era in election campaigning in India. This team uses historical electoral data and fuses it with socio-economic, demographic and opinion poll data to arrive at insights that help optimize the campaign efforts across constituencies. We also run snap polls on a daily basis using IVRS and outbound call centre to assess the mood and inclinations of constituencies on a near real time basis. The detailed reports for constituencies provide a holistic view of the current electoral scenario. Analysis insights are utilized for planning & scheduling of rallies of key leaders and finalizing the resource allocation at booth level.

IPAC generated constituency-level reports for 243 assembly constituencies in the lead up to the 2015 Bihar Elections. These analytics reports contain Booth level analysis, which was used for grass root booth level strategy.


Our Media team manages the communications aspects of the campaign. With carefully crafted messages and the most relevant talking points, we help manage media interactions of the leader and the spokespeople. We research, writes and places editorial pieces on behalf of the leader or third-party influencers.

As an aggregator of sentiment, we constantly collect and analyze media feedback which triangulated with other feedback advises the most precise course of action. Our focus is to cultivate media not just as a communication channel but also a stakeholder in the election processes.


Our Team

I-PAC’s strength lies in its people who come from diverse backgrounds. We are a group of young, spirited and like-minded individuals from varied professional and academic backgrounds brought together by a common goal of re-inventing the socio-political space. In pursuit of this goal our members have left their high-paying jobs at global organizations like McKinsey, BCG, ITC, Credit Suisse, Schlumberger, Deloitte, WTO, etc. and organized themselves as India’s first Political Action Committee. The team comprises people who have graduated from the finest institutions of the country and abroad like IIT, IIM, LSE, TISS, NLU, DU etc.